Cubicon Single Plus 3DP-310F

AU$5,995.00 inc.GST

Introducing the Cubicon Single Plus the most advanced desktop 3D Printer. It has the following features:

    • WiFi Printing Ready along with USB Slot
    • Touch LCD and UBS Memory
    • Heated Build Chamber - minimises the chance of a part warping during a build
    • 240 x 190 x 200mm build area
    • Support for ABS, PLA, TPU (Flexible filament) and any 1.75mm filaments up to 260 deg C
    • Advanced auto levelling plus function
    • Smart extruder recognises if filament has stopped extruding, enabling you to resume a print
    • Layers as thin as 100 micron
    • Made in South Korea


For more information visit:

Price includes 12 months support courteous of 3D Printing Studios, a spare head, 1 roll of Cubicon filament

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