Verbatim ABS Filament (1 kg)

AU$40.00 inc.GST

We have tried lots of different brands of ABS filament and Verbatim stands out for its consistency and value. The filament prints well on all machines we have tried including the UP which runs at a higher temperature than other machines. The finish is excellent and the support material breaks away well.

Diameter accuracy: 1.75 ± 0.05 mm
Process temperature: 230-240 °C (recommended)
Net Weight: 1 kg
Gross Weight: 1.5 kg (includes spool and corrugated box)
Filament Length: 404 metres
Spool Dimensions:  
    Spool Diameter: 200mm
    Spool Depth: 72mm
    Hub Diameter: 102mm
    Hub Hole Diameter: 51mm

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